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GauntletsIcon.png KatarsIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 7
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 5
Armor Icon.png Defense 4
Speed Icon.png Speed 6

Caspian is a Legend featuring the Gauntlets and Katars as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 5400 gold.

A master thief who always steals the spotlight first! - Mallhalla purchase description


The Master Thief

I give up, how did you steal the Queen's necklace? – English detective

The Mad King of Batavia was a demanding father, and his lunacy honed his son into the greatest thief ever known. "Steal me the Royal Sceptre of Hamburg, the nose of the Sphinx, and the beard of the emperor of China!" his father would rave, and Caspian would deliver them all.

But his father's rule descended from capricious to diabolical, and when the Order of the Exalted Lion stepped in, the young prince quietly vanished.

On his own, The Great Caspian's showmanship and thirst for danger only grew. His theatrical heists left his targets applauding more often than calling the police. He replaced the Mona Lisa with a portrait of himself with an enigmatic smile. He stole the Crown Jewels of Britain with one hand actually tied behind is back. Citizens of Kiev woke up one morning to find he had somehow stolen their entire city and was now, in every legal way, their Mayor.

Emboldened by cheers of the people, Caspian stepped up his game. He won the Battle of Trafalgar disguised as Admiral Nelson. He won the Kentucky Derby disguised as a horse. He decided to take some time for himself, and August 32nd was never seen again.

In Valhalla he has not slowed his larcenous ways. He disguised himself as Vraxx for an entire tournament - a tournament Vraxx was in. He stole Thatch's beard and replaced it with bees. He stole Cross' coin and quickly gave it back. None doubt that the Grand Tournament is his stage now, and he's here to give them a show.

Mr. Holmes, I left all the clues you could possibly need. – Caspian


Caspian's outfit fits his flamboyant persona: A long-sleeved shirt with a frilly collar and rolled-up sleeves under a sleeveless, black tailcoat, its pocket adorned with his trademark rose. Grey dressing pants are held up by an utility belt with a small pocket in front of it, and two tiny bombs decorated with starts on the side, also wearing boots and gloves of a darker tone of gray. To conceal his identity, Caspian wears a dark domino mask. He combs most of his ginger hair backward, with two locks hanging in front of him, and some others with a cream tone. He constantly grins smugly, knowing his skills are enough to keep up with the rest of the roster.

WIP.png WIP.png
WIP.png WIP.png
Sleight of Hand
Showman's Daggers


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Gauntlets and Katars

Signature Attacks


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Caspian takes out a bomb and stares at it for a moment with a smirk. Shortly after, he throws it upwards in a noticeable arc ahead of himself. The bomb will blow up a Legend and-a-half above Caspian’s vertical position. This move proves to be a fairly simple yet useful anti-aerial attack which may catch some opponents unaware thanks to its arc. The player might have to reposition themselves, however, since the hitbox is quite far and the bomb takes longer than expected to blow up. Naturally, it does not hit anyone directly close to Caspian.


Caspian loads a bomb, which he keeps behind him as if trying to hide it, before leaping forward with it. If it lands, the rogue plants the bomb on his victim's back before throwing a card to it, causing an explosion that sends the enemy flying backwards. It has an impressive range, and hits anyone standing too close to Caspian.
The grand finale! Caspian waves his arms, ready to bow. As he recieves the ovation of the audience, he throws a flurry of bombs in front of him, knocking backward anyone standing in front of the thief. This move makes Caspian move backwards a fair distance while covering a large horizontal space, making it apt for a retreating move.


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Caspian throws three daggers at once directly above him – one up, and two more to the sides of the first one. The daggers explode into smoke and cards in the air, covering a fairly large space. The daggers deal damage only when they explode quite far up above Caspian. Because of that, this move is somewhat harder to aim than similar anti-air Signatures used by Jhala or Ragnir, but can surprise many opponents.


Caspian throws a dagger on a distance of about 3-4 legends forward. If the dagger hits a legend, the hit is followed by a rush and an upward slash from the thief that sends the victim flying forward. Surprisingly, this is a middle-range attack that does not hit anyone close to Caspian, but comes out quickly and hurts opponents quite far away. A good bread-and-butter attack when the opponent tries to stay away from you at all times.
Caspian leaps forward off the ground, crossing his arms, and throws two sharp daggers diagonally downwards that send enemies flying up and away. The longer you charge the attack, the farther the leap: at maximum charge, it can achieve an impressive length of about 5 legends with a one-two throw from the height of about 2 legends, granting great mobility. Let's repeat it again: this Signature’s range changes the longer you hold it. Even at its shortest, this attack outranges Caspian’s Katar Forward Signature. The daggers pierce soft platforms, making it a somewhat slow but useful tool for edge guarding.


Weapon Inputs What it's useful for Damage Is it a true combo? Other notes Example video(s)



Use of Signatures

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Rocket Lance






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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Nightcap Caspian‎
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Fortune Hunter Caspian
Price: 140 mammoth coins
All City Caspian‎
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Immortal Caspian
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Aces High Caspian
Available only as a random reward from the Outlaw Chest

Colour Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
Click to see the colors
Caspian.png CaspianBaseBlue.png CaspianBaseYellow.png CaspianBaseGreen.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
CaspianBaseBrown.png CaspianBaseOrange.png CaspianBasePurple.png CaspianBaseCyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
CaspianBaseSunset.png CaspianBaseGrey.png CaspianBasePink.png CaspianBaseRed.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
CaspianBaseWhite.png CaspianBaseBlack.png CaspianBaseCommunityColors.png CaspianBaseSkyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
CaspianBaseLovestruck.png WIP.png CaspianBaseHeatwave.png CaspianBaseHomeTeam.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Lucky Clover
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during St. Patrick's Day)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
CaspianBaseHaunting.png CaspianBaseWinterHoliday.png
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlhallidays)


  • Caspian' weapons are the Sleight of Hand (Gauntlets) and the Showman's Daggers (Katars)
  • Caspian' bot name is Caspiandroid
  • His design is strongly reminiscent of 'Billy Rocks', also an Asian(Korean) who good command of knives from Hollywood film 'The Magnificent Seven'.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Open Beta
Build Changes
2.71.0 Caspian has received a number of changes during his first balance update, mainly focused on increasing the speed of his Signatures at the cost of power. Players will find more responsive attacks that flow better during a match, lending to an overall quicker feel.
 • Side Katars: Decreased Recover time on miss from 13 Fixed to 8 Fixed; Decreased Damage from 23 to 21; Decreased Force from 52 Variable/70 Fixed to 50 Variable/70 Fixed.
 • Down Katars: The ending flash of the katar throws now send targets downward, similar to the rest of the attack, albeit with less force than striking with the katar.
 • Neutral Gauntlets: Decreased Force from 55 Variable/70 Fixed to 53 Variable/70 Fixed; Decreased Damage from 24 to 22; Decreased Recover time from 10 to 8.
 • Side Gauntlets: Decreased Recover time on miss from 12 to 9; Decreased Damage from 25 to 20.
• Fixed bug where Caspian’s Neutral Gauntlets was not properly scaling with charge time. (Credit: Luxcifer)
2.70.0 • Caspian the Master Thief is now available to play in Brawlhalla!

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