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BlastersIcon.png GauntletsIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 7
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 4
Armor Icon.png Defense 6
Speed Icon.png Speed 5

Cross is a fairly slow, but powerful, demonic mobster Legend featuring the Blasters and Gauntlets as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 5400 gold. Cross comes from the 1950s New York and is dressed as such. He sports a crimson shirt with a plain white tie and a rakish dark gray fedora hat. A master of the double-cross, Cross survived police crackdowns, mafia wars and magical assassins with self-assurance, cunning and gunmanship - not to mention a pair of demonic gauntlets, and the personal service of a demon bound to him by a magical double-headed coin. In Valhalla, he brings all of these to bear, fighting in tandem with the demons bound to him, and utilizing the power of his gauntlets and guns to devastating effect.

Not the first to deal with demons, but the first to keep them on the payroll. - Mallhalla purchase description


The Dealmaker

In the 1951 case of New York v. Joseph Cross, charges against the gangster were dropped when eyewitnesses claimed the murder weapon was the man's own shadow. – Trials and Tribulations: Strangest Court Cases of the Twentieth Century

It Italy with the Allied army, PFC Joseph Cross found an ancient double-headed coin. That night, he dreamt of a demon and struck a deal. The demon would fight for him, and “after his last fight,” the demon would get payment.

After the war, the New York underworld was rocked as a terrifying new force moved in. Cross’ outfit took over and soon ran numbers, protection, and extortion in all five boroughs. At night, enemies would get a personal visit from Cross and what those who survived called “living shadows.” For years, Cross owned the town.

As he grew obsessed with wealth and power, Cross turned deeper to the occult. He waded through the blood of New York’s wizard population to accumulate magical artifacts and monstrous henchmen. But after Cross obtained the Shrouded Gauntlets of Belzar, things began to turn for the worse. Strangers appeared in town looking for him – hard looking figures with archaic cloaks and ancient weapons. Battling these cloaked vigilantes with his fists and guns was far harder than scaring the New York hoodlums. But Cross, with his demonic henchman, held his own.

Valhalla is the ultimate loophole in his deal with the demons, and the frightening but charismatic mobster holds his place in the Grand Tournament for love of battle and fear of the alternative. But now Cross and the demon have a new wager, and like-minded legends are placing bets of their own.

Sure pal. Flip the coin. Heads you win. – Cross to a demon who is getting a bad feeling about this deal


Cross comes 1950s New York as part of the notorious gangster community, and is dressed as such. He sports a bright crimson dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves, worn with a short, plain white tie and light gray slacks with suspenders. A rakish touch is added in the form of a dark gray fedora with a white band to finish his look, which is tilted downwards to obscure his eyes from afar. giving him a look of bold determination. His eyes are a unnaturally steely shade of gray, possibly a side effect of his dealings in the occult, and are topped by two thick eyebrows. Just visible peeking from underneath Cross's stylish hat is his black hair that shows a streak of gray running around his head.

CrossFlair1.png CrossFlair2.png
BlastersCross.png GauntletsCross.png
Gauntlets of Belzar


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Blasters and Gauntlets

Signature Attacks


Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral The Typewriter! Cross whips out his trusted guns and begins shooting bursts of hellfire directly up above himself for as long as you hold the attack button. If one of those bursts hits anyone, Cross will perforate the unfortunate victim with a flurry of shots followed by a single big blast of hellfire from both guns, knocking the enemy upwards. Very similar to Jhala’s Neutral Sword Signature in form and Ulgrim’s Down Lance Signature in execution, this attack will hit while you are charging, not when you release the button. Works wonders on careless jumping enemies, or down under from semi-solid ledges. If you hold the attack long enough, the hellfire shots will begin fanning to the sides slightly. This attack will not hit anyone standing right next to Cross, and will not catch anyone diagonally above you.


“You Talkin’ To Me?!” Cross envelops his legs in living shadows as he charges the attack, then leaps forward with his foot ahead. Anyone stunned by the leaping kick will be knocked away by a quick double shot from the mobster’s hellish handguns. The hitbox of the move is very small, but it follows the ground at a very convenient height, making it easy to strike targets. A good bread-and-butter move to punish runners or reposition yourself. Even better, this attack will hit anyone standing too close to Cross.
“Ain’t gonna get me!” Cross spins his handguns and points them left and right as he ducks, then quickly unleashes narrow but long blasts of hellfire against any attackers surrounding him. This move charges quickly and fires off quickly, making it excellent for sudden attacks, especially in the air. The hellfire bursts do not hit anyone standing too close to Cross: however, they are surpisingly long and linger slightly at the tips, which can surprise most opponents.


Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral Cross hops high up and slightly forward into the air, his forward hand enveloped in living shadow, then punches down the enemy with a wide, lightning-quick strike. The longer you hold the attack button, the higher and further Cross will jump, turning the quick hop into a long and dramatic hovering strike. Let’s repeat it again: this signature’s range and travel path changes depending on how long you charge the attack. If you tap the attack, it becomes an excellent and quick anti-air punch that hits the area directly diagonally upward from your standing position. If you hold the attack, the hop turns into a long, powerful and extended leap, posing great threat to unaware players who like to hover above the arena ground. Even though the punch comes off literally lightning-quick (just in a single frame!), its wide hitbox makes it easy to hurt the enemy plenty.


The Haymaker! Cross pulls back his forward hand as the demon’s living shadow manifests itself above him, readying the mother of all punches. At the mobster’s command, both Cross and the demonic apparition crush any enemies standing directly ahead of them with a quick, long-reaching and powerful punch straight outta pits of Hell. A good bread-and-butter move, especially good as a counterattack. As pretty much any Cross’ signature, this attack charges quickly and comes off lightning-fast. The small size of the hellfire punch is still generous, giving you some leeway to aim the attack in the air. This attack will not hit anyone overlapping Cross.
Sic ’Em! Cross awakens the shadow under his feet and sends it scuttling ahead, ready to grab anyone at its master’s command. As soon as the mobster raises his hand, the humongous demonic claw knit of hellfire rises from the scuttling shadow, grabbing and scorching the first victim it touches. If the initial attack succeeds, Cross quickly rushes to the grabbed enemy and knocks them up and away with a heavy swipe of his gauntlet. Important: this signature’s range changes depending on how long you charge the attack: the scuttling shadow can go as far as 3-6 Legend widths ahead (3-4 Legend widths when GC’ed) depending on how long you hold the attack button. Naturally, it will never hit any enemy standing too close to Cross. However, just like Thatch’s cannonballs, this attack excels at long range, and can be particularly threatening when used in the air and for ledge-guarding, although missing this attack will leave you vulnerable for a very long time. Surprisingly, you still maintain some control over the scuttling shadow’s range when gravity-canceling the attack. Use it sparingly, and remember that Cross is still vulnerable when running towards the grabbed enemy – especially if there is a mine in between them.


Weapon Inputs What it's useful for Damage Is it a true combo? Other notes Example video(s)
Blaster DLight, SDodge, DHeavy String useful for neutral game damage output, good to catch unaware opponents 46.97 No, if done correctly, it's a 4 dodge window string Not so useful if done at already damaged enemies
Gauntlets DLight, SHeavy Good string to hit at any time of the match, can kill at 110 damage 38.78 No, if done correctly, it's a great 3 dodge window string You have to be really fast on the inputs to do this string correctly
Gauntlets DLight, NHeavy Pretty much the same as the SHeavy variation, but with less damage and covers a bigger area into the air to counter jumps 37.33 No, if done correctly, it's a great 3 dodge window string You have to be really fast on the inputs to do this string correctly, only hits at 30 damage or higher
Gauntlets DLight, DHeavy A stronger but riskier variation of the string 39.52 No, if done correctly, it's a 5 dodge window string You have to be really fast on the inputs to do this string correctly, only hits at 10 damage or higher, if you fail you can be easily punished



Use of Signatures

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Rocket Lance






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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Devil Cross
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Boss Cross
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Staff Sgt. Cross
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Krampus Cross
Price: 140 mammoth coins

Available only during Brawlhallidays Season
Double Cross
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Shadowlord Cross
Price: Available only as a random reward from Forbidden Chest

Colour Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
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Cross base classic colors.png CROSS base Blue.png CROSS base Yellow.png CROSS base Green.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
CROSS base Brown.png CROSS base Orange.png CROSS base Purple.png CROSS base Cyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
CROSS base Sunset.png CROSS base Grey.png CROSS base Pink.png CROSS base Red.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
CROSS base White.png CROSS base Black.png CROSS base Community Colors.png CROSS base Skyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
CROSS base Lovestruck.png WIP.png CROSS base Heatwave.png CrossBaseHomeTeam.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Lucky Clover
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during St. Patrick's Day)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
CROSS base Haunting.png CROSS base Winter Holiday.png
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlhallidays)


  • Cross' default weapons are the Hellhounds (blasters) and the Gauntlets of Belzar (gauntlets).
  • Cross' bot name is CR-055.
  • The name of Cross' pistols are a reference to "Hellhound On My Trail", a song composed by Robert Johnson, another famous Prohibition-era figure who mythically sold his soul to the devil for skill with the guitar.
  • Another Legend who found and used a devilish double-headed coin was Thatch, who won his ship with one. Whether it is the same coin as the one in Cross' possession is unknown.
  • Cross is listed as one of Nix's cold-cases - a rogue soul past its expiration who was never collected by a psychopomp for the afterlife.
  • Cross is yet another Legend who is in Valhalla without explicitly passing away.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Released Game
Build Changes
3.8.0 • Cross Down Gauntlets: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit when Gravity Canceled. (Credit: RioKun)
Open Beta
Build Changes
2.77.0 The following Signatures have all received adjustments to their speed bonuses gained when performed from a dash or chase dodge. They have been brought in line with other comparable Signature attacks:
 • Cross Side Blasters
2.68.0 The fire that sprouts from Cross’ feet as he lunges toward the opponent no longer strikes opponents, by popular request. This delays the overall time to hit of the attack by a slight amount, as the active frames now begin with Cross’ flying leap. Players will find an increased need for proper spacing to land this attack, as well as proper facing on startup.
 • Cross Side Blasters: Rehitboxed to better match the animation, resulting in loss of initial hitbox just before the leap.
2.61.0 • Cross Down Gauntlets: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: NoviBliss)
2.38.0 • Fixed a visual ‘popping’ bug with Cross’s Gauntlet d-sig during rollbacks.
2.37.0 • Cross – The Dealmaker, has entered Brawlhalla!

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