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Who can edit this wiki?

A: Anyone! As long as you have a wiki account, you can edit and add to any page that's on this Wiki, along with moving, renaming and creating new pages.

What kind of edits can I or should I make to this wiki?

A: Technically, anything. But edits that grow the overall amount of useful and relevant information about the game are preferred (as in, won't get reverted out of existence).

How do I see what's been changed recently?

A: There's a log of changes going up to 30 days back on the Recent changes page, along with a record of who did the changing. Everything is recorded here, and it's also available on the sidebar to the left, for easy access. Any changes that have been made can be reverted from there as well.

How do I delete a page?

A: You can't! You need admin priveleges to do that. This is mostly to prevent people from coming in and just deleting the entire wiki. Users can only mark pages for deletion. Normally there are templates available from the wiki license to do so, but those haven't been set up yet, so for now, simply add "[[Category:Marked For Deletion]]" to the bottom of the page you want deleted.

Can I try some code out on a page to see what it looks like?

A: Yes! Editing pages have a Preview option, so use that so you don't muddy up the page itself while experimenting. If that's not enough, there's a Sandbox page set aside to use as scratch space for trying things out.

I have a question for the devs, or I want some official art for the wiki. How do I get in touch with them?

A: The most reliable way is to email them at [email protected] They don't check their wiki accounts that often - they're busy making a game! But they do pop by occasionally to see if anything needs doing over here.

I don't know how to do something that I want to change or edit for the Wiki!

A: Wikipedia user-guides are open source and available for anyone to peruse - so crack open Google and track it down! Some of the other users who regularly edit the Wiki here may also know. A word of warning: this Wiki isn't fully licensed yet and many Templates and formats aren't usable, so be sure to preview your work and see if it will actually take before committing your edits.