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LanceIcon.png BlastersIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 4
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 8
Armor Icon.png Defense 4
Speed Icon.png Speed 6

Lord Vraxx is a high dexterity diabolical alien warlord Legend, featuring the Rocket Lance and Blasters as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 3900 gold. Hairless, with teal skin, and a single malicious eye, Vraxx's alien nature is unquestionable. His appearance reflects his grandeur and self-dignity: Vraxx is the boss, wants you to know it, and isn't afraid to leverage his otherworldly reflexes, conniving trickery and high-tech weaponry make sure you never forget it in the arena of combat.

Scheming conquerer of a thousand worlds. What's one more? - Mallhalla purchase description


The Despotic

Lord Vraxx we adore thee. So strong and smart and great.
Don't shoot or fry or jail us. Don't crush or immolate.
Don't chop us into pieces. Don't throw us in the bay.
We are loyal, true, and faithful. You're looking great today. - 241st stanza of the Vraxxian Imperial Anthem.

Vraxx's father was Governor-Tyrant of the Ice Planet Roldakk-9, and young Vraxx spent his childhood like most Zhaktari noblespawn - in a vat. As a cadet pilot in the Zhaktar Academy for Conquest and Subjugation, he excelled in space dogfighting, spacedog fighting, judging the weak and planetary inmolation.

As a young warlord, Vraxx destroyed Roldakk for harboring his childhood piano teacher and soon built an impressive empire through fear, intimidation, brillant space combat, and fear. However, Vraxx's extraordinary military prowess was always undermined by overconfidence, grandstanding, gloating, unworkable revenge plots, and general self-indulgence. He destroyed one planet because he didn't like the color of their beaches, and disintegrated so many ill-performing generals that the rank of lieutenant colonel became known as 'the sweet spot.'

In Valhalla, Vraxx's naked ambition and unremitting scheming is reassuringly constant. He is contemptuous of heroes who are not royalty, and only Nai, Bodvar, Hattori and Orion are worthy of direct address. Vraxx's most prized possession is everything he owns so no touching.

Now, Lance Starchampion, I've beaten you at laser sword dueling, just as I have beaten you at everything else. But I will keep you alive long enough to witness my final victory. - Lord Vraxx


Vrazz charging forward with his Lance

In appearance, Lord Vraxx is one of the most noticeable and distinct Legends, due in part to his alien nature. Most obviously, Lord Vraxx has a single large eye glaring from the centre of his forehead, which dominates both his face and his image as a whole.

As well as this most striking feature, Vraxx's face is unnatural and inhuman in a range of other ways - his lack of a visible nose, his unusually large and grinning mouth, his low ears and his large protruding brow being the most notable. Even the shape of his head portrays his unearthly nature, with an obviously lumpy surface and a bulge at the back that gives his head a bulbous shape.

Aside from how alien Lord Vraxx's appearance is, other aspects of his character are also implied, such as his malicious nature and royal blood. His large eye, for example, is colored a deep blood red, and is in a constant scowling glare. His hard grin also shows his determination and his disregard for forgiveness or fair play.

Vraxx preparing to shoot his Blasters

Lord Vraxx's regal lineage is most apparent from his armour, which is colored a shining magenta with an opulent golden gilt. His armour is practical, encasing and protecting a significant portion of his body, while allowing for the movement needed during battle. However, the decorative gold trim, plus the high collared decorative piece that extends above his head show Vraxx's extravagance and power. Interestingly, two thin tubes come from the bracer of each forearm, with an unknown purpose.

Vraxx's weapons both have the same color and theme as his armour, being made of smooth magenta and gold metal, though also colored a clean white in parts. His blasters, called the 'Selenite Ray Guns' have the appearance of a classic, caroon style alien gun - almost a stereotype of alien ray guns in modern culture - with no gun-barrel but instead a protruding emitter of deadly rays and waves. Vraxx's Lance - the 'Selenite Jet Lance' - has a long smooth point and a simple black handle, but grows into a large base which hold the lance's rocket.


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Rocket Lance and Blasters

Signature Attacks


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min)
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral The Saturn Strike! The alien tirant shoots a cone-shaped rayblast with both guns diagonally upwards, which comes out relatively quickly and covers a large wedge of space in the air. Up to 36.37 Up to 35 Up to 25 Up to 2 55 60 13 23 15


Vraxx does a stepping, forward sweep with an energy arc from his rear blaster, turns around and follows it with a short pulse with his forward blaster. Carries Vraxx forward a moderate distance. Anything caught by the initial arc will also be struck by the follow-up blast. Up to 41.22 28 to 56 22 7 52 65 14 10(18)6 15
A concentrated double-blast with both blasters concentrated on a point a moderate distance away from Vraxx – further than usual Blasters range. The blast explodes upwards from the ground and has a big radius, but it does not hit anything between itself and Vraxx. 22.48 to 26.67 28 20 -1 46 70 18 8 21

Rocket Lance

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min)
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral The Selenite Sling! Vraxx projects long energy tendrils from his lance in a forward diagonal above him. Any enemy grabbed by the tendrils is grabbed, violently skewered on the tip of the lance, and shot away forwards and upwards. 36.66 to 43.65 78 65 7 0 1 or 3 15 13 20


A powerful charge. Like with most lance users, this move has great force and carries Vraxx a significant distance forward. It covers less distance than those of Orion or Scarlet. Up to 31.52 Up to 41 18 -3 0 or 53 110 or 65 19 21(1)1 20
A low, charged stabbing thrust with the lance that carries Vraxx forward a very slight distance. An opponent struck by the thrust is grabbed by a coiling whip of energy on the tip of the lance as Vraxx hurls them in the opposite direction. 22.15 to 26.67 58 44 2 0 or 61 1 or 68 17 17 14


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
For weapon specific combos, please visit the Blasters and Lance pages. Weapon specific combos can be more useful
Combos highlighted in green are considered Bödvar's most useful or most reliable combos
Weapon Input Opponent Requirements Minimum Dodge Frames Maximum Damage Usage and Notes
Damage Range Reliable Reads
Blasters DLight, Chase Dodge, NSig Any All - true combo 0 - true combo 47.08 • Non-sig Blasters combos are more useful and reliable in most situations.
Blasters SAir, SSig 0 - 60 • Opponent Spot Dodges 4 (0 vs Spot Dodge) 48.44 • Can be difficult and unreliable to get the minimum 4 dodge frames.
Rocket Lance SLight, NSig 0 to 50 • Opponent Does Nothing
• Opponent Dodges Up and Away
2 (0 with read) 43.31 •While having two minimum dodge frames this combo is far less reliable than this suggests.



Use of Signatures

Signatures: Lord Vraxx
Blasters Neutral Short-ranged, hits very wide, quick to start and lingers for a long time. When combined with an aggressive approach, it’s practically impossible to dodge in close range -- both on the ground and in the air. Still, it’s easy to punish when missed. BlastersVraxx.png
Blasters Side Shorter range than most Side Sigs, but it’s a one-two attack that creates a long-lasting threat -- and if the enemy dodges or closely avoids the first shot, they can still be hit by the second blast. Still, you cannot interrupt this attack, and so it can easily get you punished.
Blasters Down A very unique signature that creates a big explosion far away from you. Useful for spacing/zoning opponents or when you need to surprise the enemy. This attack can even force foes to approach from the air -- and right into your Neutral Blasters Sig.
Lance Neutral This anti-air attack hits at an unusually shallow angle. This can make it hard to land, especially since hitboxes aren't very wide, so good timing is required. However, its lack of width is made up by its very long range plus decent speed -- these two features make it somewhat safe and very hard to contest from the air. RocketLanceVraxx.png
Lance Side Like many Lance Side Sigs, this is a long-ranged pushing attack. The range is its main strength, and it can even move you away from danger. However, use it carefully -- it's slow, and there's a small but minor deadzone to this attack.
Lance Down This is Vraxx's best close-range Lance Sig, and his only Lance Sig that can hit stacked opponents. For a defensive Down Sig, it has a decent range, which makes it easier to land. Its main weakness is the fairly long startup time, so it shouldn't be used recklessly. Still, with high risk comes high reward in the form of good force for a defensive Sig, plus throwing the opponent behind Vraxx, which is useful when in danger or against an edge-guarding enemy.

Matchup strategy against specific Weapons

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Rocket Lance






Matchup strategy against specific Legends

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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Skins: Lord Vraxx
Name & Pic Price Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Chests
Classic Lord Vraxx
3900 MammothGold.png
Selenite Jet Lance
Selenite Ray Guns
LordVraxx Viking.png
Vraxx the Viking
80 MammothCoin.png
Fire Giant Lance
Dark Elf Blasters
LordVraxx Rock.png
Vraxx the King
140 MammothCoin.png
Heartbreak Havoc
Bullet Hail of the King
Dark Matter Vraxx.png
Dark Matter Vraxx
200 MammothCoin.png
Event Horizon
The Singularities
Ancient Chest Skysail Chest
Supreme Ruler Vraxx.png
Supreme Ruler Vraxx
140 MammothCoin.png
Imperial Star Lance
Emperor's Own Blasters
Sunken Chest
General Vraxx
Chest Exclusive
Planet Destroyer
Cosmic Chest
Space Dogfighter Vraxx
140 MammothCoin.png
Irridium Engine
Zhaktari Issue
Wasteland Vraxx
200 MammothCoin.png
Reactor Core

Color Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
Click to see the colors
VraxxFull.png LORD VRAXX base Blue.png Lord Vraxx Yellow.png Lord Vraxx Green.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Lord Vraxx Brown.png Lord Vraxx Orange.png Lord Vraxx Purple.png Lord Vraxx Cyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
Lord Vraxx Sunset.png Lord Vraxx Grey.png Lord Vraxx Pink.png Lord Vraxx Red.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
LordVraxx White.png LordVraxx Black.png LordVraxx CC.png LORD VRAXX base Skyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
Lord Vraxx Lovestruck.png WIP.png LORD VRAXX base Heatwave.png LordVraxxBaseHomeTeam.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Lucky Clover
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during St. Patrick's Day)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
LordVraxxBaseHaunting.png Lord Vraxx Winter.png
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlhallidays)


  • Lord Vraxx's default weapons are the Selenite Jet Lance (rocket lance) and the Selenite Ray Guns (blasters).
  • Lord Vraxx's bot name is Robraxx.
  • Lord Vraxx was one of the first four Legends to be developed for the game, the others being Cassidy, Bödvar and Orion.
  • Lord Vraxx continually attempts to conquer Valhalla, occasionally with the assistance of Thatch. He is obviously yet to succeed.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
Click to see changes to this Legend ->
Open Beta
Build Changes
2.81.0 There are several Legends with one or two Signatures that stand too tall above the rest of their kit, and so we have shifted some power from those Signatures into their lesser used or weaker attacks. Notable changes include less coverage on Vraxx’s Neutral Lance for greater counterplay from grounded opponents.
 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Decreased Damage from 37 to 34; Reduced lower coverage, resulting in no longer striking grounded opponents.
 • Vraxx Down Blasters: Increased Damage from 22 to 25.
2.53.0 • Smoothing adjustments to Vraxx Select Screen animations
2.52.0 Increased travel speed to push effective threat farther forward and make Signature harder to outrun.
 • Vraxx Side Lance – Increased travel speed before the first hit.
2.50.0 Like a number of other Signatures on this list, Vraxx’s Side Lance did not have a reward in line with the current state of the game. We have increased this reward to provide a more reliable option for scoring knockouts that is comparable with other similar Signatures.
 • Lord Vraxx Side Lance: Increased Force from 50 Variable/65 Fixed to 53 Variable/65 Fixed.
2.18.0 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Vraxx and still affected by the grab behaviors.
• Vraxx Down Lance: Fixed some cases where targets could be hit away from Vraxx and still affected by the grab behaviors.
2.17.0 Vraxx's Neutral Lance on hit behavior extended a few frames into the miss animation before transitioning into the hit animation. There are still some slightly jarring aspects to the transition that we'll have to address in a later patch, but this shouldn't have any significant balance implications.
 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Adjusted animation to match Hitbox timing; Total power duration on hit decreased from 87 to 83.
• Vraxx Neutral Blasters: Adjusted Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
• Vraxx Neutral Lance: Adjusted Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
• Vraxx Down Lance: Adjusted Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
• Vraxx Neutral Blasters: Adjusted animation timing to better match Hitboxes.
• Vraxx Side Blasters: Adjusted animation timing to better match Hitboxing.
• Vraxx Neutral Lance: Adjusted animation timing to better match Hitboxes and Recover Time.
2.16.0 We're moving some power from Vraxx's extremely high damage Neutral Lance to bolster the underwhelming damage of his Side Lance.
 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Decreased Damage from 40 to 36.
 • Vraxx Side Lance: Increased Damage from 21 to 26.
• Vraxx Side Lance - Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.
2.14.0 • Vraxx Side Blasters: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
2.13.1 Vraxx's Down Blasters have both low Damage and Force for a signature, and is getting a slight increase.
 • Vraxx Down Blasters: Increased Damage From 20 to 22; Increased Variable Force from 45 to 46.
• Vraxx Side Lance: Fixed a case that could cause the target to be dropped before the final hit. Credit: JimBenDoto
2.10.0 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: On first frame of hit window, movement speed is capped at 17.
• Vraxx Down Blasters: On first frame of hit window, movement speed is capped at 15.
2.8.0 • Vraxx Side Blasters: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
2.5.0 Vraxx's Side Blasters were killing too early considering their fast startup and recovery times and his 4 Strength.
 • Vraxx Side Blasters: Reduced Variable Force from 55 to 52.
2.3.1 Vraxx's Side Blasters didn't reflect the animation's timing very well. It's been adjusted slightly to match, which should also help with some potential drop cases.
 • Vraxx Side Blasters: Rehitboxed to better match animation.
2.1.0 Vraxx's Blaster signatures have some of the shortest Recover Times of any character, which can lead to some particularly abusive combinations. The biggest offenders have been given a little more window to punish.
 • Vraxx Neutral Blasters: Increased Recover Time.
 • Vraxx Down Blasters: Slightly increased Recover Time.
2.0.0 • Vraxx Side Lance: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit Antlan]
Closed Beta
Build Changes
1.20.1 • Vraxx Side Blasters: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.
1.17.0 Powers that "grab" had logic to prevent them from being interrupted when hit. These cases happen a lot more in 2v2 and can feel broken and unsatisfying. We'll be keeping an eye on these individual moves to see if it becomes too easy to save teammates caught by them.
 • Vraxx Neutral Lance, Vraxx Down Lance: Removed period where user cannot be interrupted during grab.
1.15.0 It's a continuing trend all the way from early alpha that we overestimate how much of a threat Vraxx is. We're improving two of his Lance signatures to reduce his reliance on the Neutral Lance sig that was reduced several patches ago. His Down Lance is now faster and more mobile, and his Side Lance hits harder.
 • Vraxx Down Lance: Slightly reduced Hitbox size; Slightly decreased Time to Hit; Slightly increased Hit Window; Increased distance traveled; Increased Damage.
 • Vraxx Side Lance: Increased Force.
1.14.0 • Reassigned color swap values to Vraxx's skin for clarity.
1.13.0 • Vraxx Neutral Lance: Increased Hitbox size.
1.12.0 • Vraxx Lance Neutral: Rehitboxed to better match animation; Reduced Hitbox size.
• Vraxx Lance Side: Rehitboxed to better match animation. Fixed some cases where targets could be dropped before the final hit.
• Vraxx Blasters Neutral: Slightly adjusted starting hitboxes.
1.10.1 • Vraxx Neutral Blasters: Now has charge up FX.
1.9.1 • New special buildup sounds for Vraxx.
1.7.2 • Vraxx Blasters Neutral Heavy: Added a small hitbox when swinging pistols upward that combos into the blast. Increased Damage and Force.
• Vraxx Blasters Side Heavy: Increased Damage.
• Vraxx Blasters Down Heavy: Decreased minimum charge time. Increased Damage.
• Vraxx Lance Down Heavy: Increased AoE size to better match animation. Slightly increased hit window. Increased Force.
1.7.0 Ada, Cassidy, Lord Vraxx, and Scarlet now have unique powers for all Heavy ground attacks with both weapons.
Build Changes
0.5.1 • Lord Vraxx weapon art has been improved.
0.4.0 • 2 Weapons: Each character now has two melee weapons they can use in combat. Picking up a weapon drop randomly gives your character one of their two weapons.
• Vraxx Selenite Sling: Reduced Damage and Force.
0.3.0 • Legend specific attacks now activate when pressing the heavy button without a direction. The normal neutral attacks have been moved to the down attack.
• Vraxx Saturn Strike: Updated sound effects.
• Vraxx Raygun Rampage: Updated sound effects.
0.2.0 • Vraxx Saturn Strike: Fx improved.
• Vraxx Selenite Sling: Fx improved.
0.1.0 • Each Legend in Brawlhalla now has 4 special powers, one for each weapon!
• Each Legend now has different stat allocations.
0.0.1 • Lord Vraxx is added to the game

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