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About Brawlhalla

The Legends of Brawlhalla

History's baddest-ass legends from past and future eras meet in an eternal tournament of champions. Bragging rights, infinite mead and the pleasure of a beatdown are up for grabs, so grab your weapons and ready up!

Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting brawler game for PC and PS4. It features simple controls and an intuitive fighting system that allows beginners to pick up the game quickly, while giving long-term players the chance to become experts of the finer mechanics of the game, and deal out a pummelling worthy of the legends themselves.

Each legend has a unique combination of two weapons, out of a selection of weapons also available to other legends. This means players can easily switch between legends without having to relearn attacks and combos, so no game has to feel the same as any other. Moreover, no two legends have the same stat values and each legend has a selection of character-specific signature attacks, meaning each legend is different and unique. With this added to the Lore and backstory behind each legend's journey to the eternal tournament, every character has its own personality and feel of play.

Brawlhalla, by Blue Mammoth Games, it's free to play, with no pay-to-win gameplay features and no paywalls, and it's going to stay that way forever.

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About Brawlhalla Wiki

This official Brawlhalla Wiki is community-maintained and hosted by Blue Mammoth Games, the developers of Brawlhalla.

It aims to be an encyclopedic resource for Brawlhalla, including both historic and new information about the game, those who contributed to its development, and the community and events that surround it.

Since the wiki was founded in May 2014, 543 articles have been created. Any help in adding to and improving the wiki is appreciated.

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The Legends

Bodvar Avatar.png Cassidy Avatar.png Orion Avatar.png LordVraxx Avatar.png Gnash Avatar.png QueenNai Avatar.png Hattori Avatar.png
Bödvar Cassidy Orion Lord Vraxx Gnash Queen Nai Hattori
SirRoland Avatar.png Scarlet Avatar.png Thatch Avatar.png Ada Avatar.png Sentinel Avatar.png Lucien Avatar.png Teros Avatar.png
Sir Roland Scarlet Thatch Ada Sentinel Lucien Teros
Brynn Avatar.png Asuri Avatar.png Barraza Avatar2.png Ember Avatar.png Azoth Avatar.png Koji Portrait.png Ulgrim Avatar.png
Brynn Asuri Barraza Ember Azoth Koji Ulgrim
Diana Avatar.png Jhala Avatar.png KorAvatarHigh.png WuShangAvatar.png ValAvatar3.png RagnirAvatar2.png CrossAvatar2.png
Diana Jhala Kor Wu Shang Val Ragnir Cross
MirageAvatar.png NixAvatar5.png MordexAvatar2.png YumikoAvatar.png ArtemisAvatar2.png CaspianAvatar.png SidraAvatar.png
Mirage Nix Mordex Yumiko Artemis Caspian Sidra
XullAvatar.png KayaAvatar.png WIP.png
Xull Kaya Isaiah

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Things of interest
Did you know...
...that Orion was previously called "Völst"?
...that Bödvar, Cassidy, Orion and Vraxx were the core legends?
...that Gnash was previously called "Thrulk"?
...that Hammer, Blasters, Sword and Rocket Lance were the core weapons?
...that Sir Roland is Brynn's father?
...that Orion's armor was made by Ulgrim and other Sons of Ivaldi in Valhalla?
...that Brynn brought Teros, Asuri and Yumiko into Valhalla?
...that both Sentinel and Scarlet had a nemesis named "Von Evilstein?"
...that both Koji and Hattori had encounters with the same family of demons?
...that Ada, Barraza and Val's lives were hugely impacted by the MBFC?
...that the legends could use any weapon in the early access?


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