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ScytheIcon.png BlastersIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 4
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 5
Armor Icon.png Defense 7
Speed Icon.png Speed 6

Nix is a die-hard freelance reaper Legend featuring the Scythe and Blasters as her weapons. She can be unlocked for 5400 gold. The freelance reaper, or psychopomp, legend is dressed in rough contemporary clothes with a dark grey and purple color scheme. Nix brings the dark, deathly magics and weapons of a modern reaper to the eternal tournament, pairing this with fighting skills learned from a specialization in reaping hard-to-reap monsters for the afterlife to become an effective fighting force. She is no stranger to adversity, tenacious opponents, or intense battle, and fights with the ease and surety of someone who is on just another day on the job.

This reaper is playing for keeps! - Mallhalla purchase description


Freelance Reaper

The Ravenous Sloor's time was up, but we weren't staffed for getting that kind of horror to slip the mortal coil. When we needed a specialist, we called Nix. – Belzar, Ikruski God of Death and Volcanoes

Many cling to unfinished business on the mortal plane, and all need a guide to their next destination. Nix combines unmatched skill at collecting the very powerful and very unwilling with a uniquely independent worldview. She snatched the Unmovable Titan of Heraklion down to Hades, and on the return trip dropped the ancient Sphinx of Alexandria off at Anubis' front door. She dragged The Hundred-legged Banshee of Donegal kicking and screaming to the Realm of Arawn. The Undead Lord of Elyria was her first repeat customer, and a nice source of steady work.

Disaster struck when she took a job collecting an entire pantheon whose time had come. When the dust settled, eleven of the targets were missing. Nix is not the type to miss a mark, and professional pride put her on a thousand-year hunt that has led her finally to Valhalla.

Odin's warrior heaven is home to all sorts of metaphysical rulebreakers and rogue souls. Nix sees an opportunity to turn a nice profit closing a few cosmological cold-cases like the half-bear viking, that smug mobster, and maybe even the golden knight. In the meantime, she fights in the Grand Tournament, knowing her quetzalcoatl quarry must be here somewhere.

I've done work for Hermes, Orcus, Namtar, lots of smaller pantheon jobs. I did overflow work for Osiris - just helping out, really. I valkyrie where I can - I like it because it's 100% commission. I wouldn't say Brynn and I are friends, but I respect her work. Psychopomping ain't easy. – Nix


Nix is one of the few Legends to wear a fairly contemporary style of clothing. Her half-length, dark purple and lilac jacket is worn over a long-collared dull gray blouse, both of which are torn and hang in an unkempt manner. Her arms, largely covered by the jacket, leave a small section of skin visible just before her fingerless gloves, also dark purple in color. Her very dark purple trousers appear to be similar to ripped jeans, with large tears at the knees, leading to dark ankle length boots. Her hair, as awry as her clothes, is long and straight, mostly hanging over her face. It is a dark purple color at its base, buts suddenly turns a near gray lilac color at its tips. Much of her face is put in the shade of her hair, but still visible are her deep violet eyes, set brow and vicious smile, which is stitched by three dark stitches either side of her mouth.

ScytheNix.png BlastersNix.png
The Appointment
Death Throes


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Scythe and Blasters

Signature Attacks


Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral “Found you.” With a snap of her fingers, Nix rips a small fissure in space up and away from her. Any stunned target is quickly snatched by otherworldly binds and brought closer for a finishing scythe attack. As usual, this is an excellent anti-air attack. It generates an explosion similar to Jhala’s Neutral Sword Sig, but diagonally and far away. In fact, this signature’s range is very big, which makes it useful for GC-ing. Nix stays still during the attack.


“Running away?” For a moment, Nix forgoes her humanly visage and hovers in the air like the Reaper she is, before rushing far ahead and swinging wide with her scythe at the escaping target. Very similar to Azoth’s Side Axe Sig and Mirage’s Sige Scythe Sig, except the hitbox at the end is wide and vertical. Good for chasing, bad for hitting close up. Will not allow you to bypass mines.
“You’re mine.” With her scythe bound in otherworldly wraps, Nix delivers a powerful horizontal swing with extreme force. In any other world, the unwitting victim would have been reaped instantly -- but in the arena of Brawlhalla, the target is simply knocked very far away. Noticeable charge-up delay. An excellent bread-and-butter signature to use up close, somewhat similar to Jhala’s Down Signatures. While the charge-up delay is quite noticeable, Nix makes up for it with a large horizontal hitbox. With correct timing, this attack will rip your opponent a new one.


Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral “Stay down.” Nix launches an otherworldly chain tipped with a vicious sharp claw directly upward from one of her blasters. Any unfortunate soul to be caught by the claw is snagged and then thrown mercilessly down on the floor -- or into the pit below. Similar to Jhala’s Sword Signature and Cross’ Blasters Signature, this attack hits directly above you. The hitbox is quite narrow, but extends a bit futher up, and the hurt victim is hurled downwards. A skilled user can gravity-cancel it in the air or combine with a chase dodge for a lethal finisher against a running enemy.


“This is fun.” After spinning her blaster like Cassidy, Nix delivers a quick forward one-two with her blasters as she hovers above the ground. Any opponent hit by the first shot is guaranteed to face the second one. This attack is a mix of Lucien and Diana’s Side Sigs with Blaster and Bow respectively: Nix shoots like Lucien while moving ahead like Diana. The blasts will not hit any target directly next to you, so space it carefully.
“Witness your fate!” With two claw-tipped chains shot from her blasters, Nix rips open a portal to the world beyond and begins to pull. Moments later, a large bloom of restless souls is launched up from the shutting portal; any unfortunate soul that happens to be nearby is hurled away with great force. A very big and powerful explosion right in front of Nix, almost twice as tall as her. Low charge-up time. Incredibly useful in so many situations. Amusingly, Nix can also briefly stun the opponent during the charge animation as the claw-tipped chains smash into the ground level.


Weapon Inputs What it's useful for Damage Is it a true combo? Other notes Example video(s)



Use of Signatures

Matchup strategy against specific Weapons

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Rocket Lance






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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Grim Reaper Nix
Price: 200 mammoth coins
Lockdown Nix
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Scarecrow Nix
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Wipeout Nix
Price: 140 mammoth coins (Available only during Heatwave's Season)
Nix Couture
Available only as a random reward from the Brawl City Chest
Eliminator Nix
Price: 140 mammoth coins

Colour Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
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NixBase.png NixBaseBlue.png NixBaseYellow.png NixBaseGreen.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
NixBaseBrown.png NixBaseOrange.png NixBasePurple.png NixBaseCyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
NixBaseSunset.png NixBaseGrey.png NixBasePink.png NixBaseRed.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
NixBaseWhite.png NixBaseBlack.png NixBaseCommunityColors.png NixBaseSkyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
NixBaseLovestruck.png WIP.png NixBaseHeatwave.png NixBaseHomeTeam.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Lucky Clover
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during St. Patrick's Day)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
NixBaseHaunting.png NixBaseWinterHoliday.png
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlhallidays)


  • Nix's default weapons are the The Appointment (scythe) and the Death Throes (blasters).
  • Nix's bot name is Robotnix, which in turn is a pun reference to Dr. Eggman aka Dr. Robotnik.
  • Nix is one of the few legends hinted at being able to leave Valhalla and the tournament willingly.
  • Nix's appearance pulls inspiration from contemporary emo and goth fashion trends, with some inspiration possibly from the films and art of Tim Burton.
  • Nix's mouth is stitched on either side with three black stitches, perhaps drawing inspiration from Batman's The Joker villain or "The Nightmare Before Christmas'" Sally.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Open Beta
Build Changes
2.77.0 The following Signatures have all received adjustments to their speed bonuses gained when performed from a dash or chase dodge. They have been brought in line with other comparable Signature attacks:
 • Nix Down Blasters
 • Nix Side Blasters
2.57.0 Nix’s Down Scythe is getting a reduction in Force to bring it more in line with similar signatures and to give a clearer tradeoff between Side and Down Scythe.
 • Nix Down Scythe: Reduced Force from 54 Variable/72 Fixed to 51 Variable/72 Fixed.
2.50.0 A couple of Nix’s Signatures have been over-performing, so we are reigning them in slightly. The Down Scythe provides a moderate-range option, but could fire off rather quickly for its knockout potential. We have both slowed down the Time to Hit and decreased the Force to bring this power in line with other similar options. The Side Scythe scored knockouts fairly early given its considerable travel distance and range, so we have decreased the Force to a more reasonable level.
 • Nix Down Scythe: Increased Minimum Charge from 15 to 17; Decreased Force from 56 Variable/72 Fixed to 54 Variable/72 Fixed.
 • Nix Side Scythe: Decreased Force from 61~63 Variable/72~80 Fixed to 58~60 Variable/72~80 Fixed.
2.48.0 • Nix the Freelance Reaper has entered Brawlhalla!

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