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A community is defined by it's heroes and leaders—or, in the case of a competitive game, it's tournament champions, regular tournament organisers and participants, and community contributors.

This page documents and describes notable people from the Brawlhalla community.

To respect people's privacy, please use people's internet alias / Brawlhalla player name, unless their alias is their real name.

Tournament community

For a full list of tournaments, see Tournaments

Tournaments and league winners

People who have placed first in tournaments and leagues.

Name Period active Events they placed first in Relevant links

Notable players or contributors

Tournament or league players who may not have won events, but may be notable in other ways.

Name Period active What makes them notable Relevant links
People who created tournament videos, write-ups, or similar content Various contributions, which can be found, along with their names, on the Tournaments page (see the write-ups and videos column).

Tournament organisers

For a list of tournament organisers, see the Tournaments page.

Community contributors

Name(s) Period active from What makes them notable Relevant links
Tyveris ???-Present Blue Mammoth dev and primary community correspondent when new updates and new features are previewed or released.
Raidhyn 2014-Present Blue Mammoth marketing and community dev and creator of tutoring videos, fostering of good gaming habits, and strengthening of the community through active participation, teaching and an all-inclusive attitude towards competition. Creator of Raidhyn's Legend Tiers, a series of images that broke the Legends into tiered categories, until tiering fell out of favor, and numerous beginner and intermediate video and text guides, mainly for earlier versions of the game. Formerly a player.
Fodakahn ???-Present Blue Mammoth eSports Director, formerly an active and high-ranked player and tournaments manager.

Other notable people

Anyone who doesn't fit in the above categories.

Name Period active What makes them notable Relevant links

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