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SpearIcon.png LanceIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength: 4
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity: 6
Armor Icon.png Defense: 6
Speed Icon.png Speed: 6

Orion is a futuristic, tech-focused Legend featuring the Rocket Lance and Spear as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 2300 gold. Every inch of Orion is encased in a golden futuristic armorsuit crafted by the smiths of Asgard. Though there are many guesses, Orion's true form or nature beneath the armor is unknown, and he is made all the more mysterious by his solitary lifestyle and detached personality - this, however, has no impact on his deadly and effective fighting style in the eternal tournament's combat.

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Ivaldic battle armor. Here he is called Orion. - Mallhalla purchase description


The Mysterious Stranger

"Sir Roland swears Orion is the Gold Knight he never slew. Bodvar insists he is Thor in disguise. Gnash believes he is a magic rock monster. Lucien is moved to incoherent rage at the sight of him. I don't care who he is, I just want to take him apart and see how he works." -Scarlet

Watching from the doors of Valhalla, Bodvar, Cassidy and the other legends saw a blazing trail of smoke cut across the Asgardian sky. Behind the fiery comet, a Valkyrie raced in pursuit, as though trying to stop the fireball as it plunged into the fields of Folkvangr in a gout of dirt and flame. The legends then watched as Valkyries and emissaries of Odin gathered around the smoking crater.

Weeks later, the Sons of Ivaldi, the same dwarven smiths who had forged Odin's spear, quietly appeared in Asgard. They bore a suit of dazzling golden armor and presented it to the gods themselves. Soon after, the mighty Orion joined the feast halls of Valhalla.

Tentative and aloof at first, Orion soon warmed to the great hall and is now among its greatest warriors and most popular champions. Orion does not speak of his past, and other legends can only speculate. But Valkyries stop by his chambers to ask if he wants to, "you know, hang out or whatever, no big deal." He is the only hero seen to leave Asgard from time to time.

"Here, I am called Orion." -Orion


Every inch of Orion is encased in a powerful and futuristic armorsuit crafted by the smiths of Asgard, with different plates of rare Asgardian metal being coloured either brilliant gold or a pale whitish blue. The ornate helmet bears two small horns at the forehead, and two air vents at each side, while the helmet as a whole is shaped to two wing-like plates either side of the head, reaching from the chin to above and behind the head - a third extension comes across the middle of the helmet. As well as this, he has two thin, vertically aligned eyesights that have a shallow V-shape and glow with a harsh blue light. Every part of the armor bears the winged motifs that are the mark of Ivaldi and Asgardian craftsmanship, most notably the two decorative, seemingly delicate, wings on his back, which conceal two powerful thrusters that.

OrionFlair2.png OrionFlair1.png
RocketLanceOrion.png SpearOrion.png
Rocket Lance
Armored Attack Rocket
Sunforged Spear


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Spear and Rocket Lance

Signature Attacks

Rocket Lance

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral Orion flips his lance up and lets out a single wide blast of energy in an up diagonal direction from the lance's exhaust port. The blast has a wide area of effect, and will also connect with opponents on the ground who are standing very close to Orion. It outspaces most attacks coming in from its direct line of attack, making it a great anti-air measure, and – like many neutral sigs – a useful option for gravity cancels.


Orion hovers in the air by his jetpack to charge this move, then let's loose with both lance engine and jetpack to go charging forward in a sweeping arc. This move was called the Blaze of Honor during Alpha. Like with all lances, this is Orion's bread-and-butter lance move, thanks to it travel distance, high speed, damage and force. Orion executes this signature more quickly than other Legends with similar moves, allowing you to catch many opponents off guard with it. It doesn't do quite as much damage as other lance charges, but is still effective as a reliable way to build up damage.
Jumping backwards into the air, Orion pelts the ground in front of and around where he was standing with a barrage of laser fire from the back of his lance. A defensive "riposte" style move, with a potential for the immediate punishment of an incoming attack. The move also hits slightly forward of where Orion is standing, allowing him to keep the pressure on in close quarters while moving back, if need be.


Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral Orion uses his jetpack, leaping up a short distance and hovering in the air for a brief moment before quickly jetting back down, stabbing the spear point downwards as he does so. Both the upsweep and the downsweep of this move deal damage, though it is a highly vertical move. The downwards stab is slightly in front of where Orion was standing, and will travel down a short distance past ground level if there is no ground where the spear would otherwise come down. Useful for close range edge guarding and close quarters fighting, though not useful for responding to aerial attacks.


Orion charges his jetpack and uses it to careen forward, hitting the first opponent he encounters with a vicious sweep of the spear. One of the less fastidious moves in Brawlhalla, this move hits the first thing within range a short distance in front of Orion. It also comes out fast and quickly, making it a reliable attack in many situations – though relying on it too much, as always, will make you predictable. This move was called the Shining Jet Slash during Alpha.
After pointing his spear into the air to charge, Orion executes a blindingly fast spin, sweeping the spear in a quick, tight arc around him. This move catches everything on the ground within a short radius around Orion, hitting both sides of him simultaneously. While best at short ranges, its chargeup time means it gets outranged by many light attacks, making it best used for punishing someone who is unprepared and very near.


Weapon Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
Rocket Lance DLight, NHeavy 35.1



  • More than almost any other legend, Orion is all about charging forward. Both weapons feature a forward charging attack, and both the spear and the lance are most effective at range - so the best place a target could ever be is a moderate distance away, but particularly directly in front. Be wary of relying too heavily on his charging attacks, as it will make you predictable.

Use of Signatures

Matchup strategy against specific Weapons

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Rocket Lance






Matchup strategy against specific Legends

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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Dark Age Orion
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Atomic Orion
Price: 80 mammoth coins
Harbinger Orion
Price: 200 mammoth coins
Metadev Orion
Price: Available only from Blue Mammoth Games developers. ("Met A Dev(eloper)")
Orion For Hire
Price: 200 mammoth coins
Kabuto Orion
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Corsair Orion
Price: Available only as a random reward from the Skysail Chest.

Color Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
Orion Blue.png

Starting color
Orion Green.png

Starting color
Orion Brown.png

Starting color
Orion Orange.png

Requires Level 2
Orion Purple.png

Requires Level 5
Orion Cyan.png

Requires Level 10
Orion Yellow.png

Requires Level 12
Orion Sunset.png

Requires Level 14
Orion Grey.png

Requires Level 16
Orion Pink.png

Requires Level 18
Orion Red.png

Requires Level 20
Orion White.png

10,000 gold
Requires Level 10.
Orion Black.png

25,000 gold
Requires Level 25.
Orion CC.png

Available only from
devs for contributing
to the community.
ORION base Skyforged.png

2500 glory
Requires Level 5
Orion Lovestruck.png

1500 gold
Available only during
Valhallentine's Season.
ORION base Heatwave.png

1500 gold
Available only during
Summer Season.

3000 gold
Available only during
Brawlhalloween's Season
Winter Holiday
Orion Winter.png

1500 gold
Available only during
Brawlidays Season.


  • Orion's default weapons are the Armored Attack Rocket (rocket lance) and the Sunforged Spear (spear).
  • Orion's bot name is Orbot.
  • During the game's Alpha stages of development, Orion was called "Völst", which is Icelandic for "rolling". He was one of the first four Legends to be developed for the game, the others being Cassidy, Lord Vraxx and Bodvar.
  • Orion seems to say little and keeps his interactions with other Legends to a minimum. Val and Brynn both enjoy poking fun at this "mysterious cool guy act" - whether it is an act, or simply how he is as a person remains to be seen.
  • Lord Vraxx deigns to address Orion directly - something that is otherwise reserved only for Legends who are royalty. It is never stated what type of royalty Orion is, and is further part of Orion's enigmatic nature.
  • Orion is listed as one of Nix's cold-cases - a rogue soul past it's expiration who was never collected by a psychopomp for the afterlife.
  • As of Patch 2.66, Orion got a complete makeover in his stock design.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Open Beta
Build Changes
2.27.0 Orion’s Down Lance can be difficult enough to connect with for the moderate Damage it does, so we are adding some more reward in the form of slightly increased Variable Force.
 • Orion Down Lance: Increased Variable Force from 50 to 53.
2.20.0 • Added color conflict for base color and Heatwave for: Orion, Metadev Orion, Gnash, Team Spirit Gnash, Snake Goddess Nai, Castaway Thatch, and Cinderguard Brynn to avoid in game confusion.
• Returned the blue shadow to base Orion’s Community Color swap.
Some of the power in Orion’s kit is being shifted to better define the role of each attack. The Down Spear has received a slight reduction in force, but remains a great option for building damage and catching opponents. The Side Spear has received a utility increase in the form of a lower Minimum Charge for a faster response.
 • Orion Down Spear: Decreased Variable Force from 55 to 53.
 • Orion Side Spear: Decreased Minimum Charge from 10 to 9.
2.18.0 Like many of Roland’s signatures, Orion’s Side Lance is a common hitboxing complaint. It has been adjusted to more closely follow the lance head, losing some height and stacked coverage in exchange for more range throughout the power.
 • Orion Side Lance: Rehitboxed to better match animation.
• Orion Side Lance: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit TheRealDespair)
2.17.0 • Orion Neutral Spear: Adjusted Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
• Orion Neutral Spear: Changed animation timing to better match Hitboxes and Recover Time.
• Orion Side Spear: Adjusted animation timing to better match Hitboxes.
2.14.0 Orion's Side Lance has felt a little too weak for some time now, despite being the longest-range Lance dash. We've compressed the duration of the move to reach the higher priority frames sooner and hold them longer, and given a boost of speed toward the end of the charge.
 • Orion Side Lance: Reduced Hit Window during charge from 25 to 20; Increased Hit Window of final thrust from 7 to 10; Increase speed from a range between 52 and 69 to a range between 52 and 88.
2.10.0 • Orion Side Lance: Increased movement speed during charge from -2 to a range between -2 and 40 when dodge canceled.
2.9.0 • Adjusted Orion Lance N Sig animation to better match hitboxes.
Orion's Neutral Lance was missing a chunk of Hitbox to prevent too generous range against standing opponents. The shot has been angled up a little higher and the gap has been filled.
 • Orion Neutral Lance: Angled more upward, added missing Hitbox coverage to the underside of the explosion FX.
• Orion Neutral Spear: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit TheOnlyPersonInYourHarem)
2.8.0 • Minor color scheme improvements to Cursed Gold Thatch, Steamsmith Scarlet, and Metadev Orion.
• Orion Side Lance: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
• Orion Side Spear: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
2.6.2 • Orion Neutral Spear: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit.
2.4.0 Orion has been underperforming in recent patches. We're holding off on making major changes just yet, but are giving him some small buffs.
 • Orion Neutral Lance: Decreased Recovery Time from 26 to 24.
 • Orion Down Spear: Decreased Time to Hit from 18 to 16.
2.2.0 • Orion Neutral Spear: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: PendragonDaGreat)
Closed Beta
Build Changes
1.16.0 • Orion Side Spear: Fixed a case where targets could be hit without receiving Damage or Force.
1.14.0 • Orion Neutral Spear: Fixed a bug where targets could be hit a third time, doing more damage than intended.
• Orion Side Lance: Fixed some cases where a target could be dropped before the final hit.
• Orion Side Spear: Increased Time to Hit; Increased Recover Time.
1.13.0 • Orion Down Lance: Decreased Time to Hit; Sped up power; Decreased Recover Time; Increased Stun Time; Force is directed more upwards.
• Orion Neutral Lance: Decreased Time to Hit; Increased Hit Window.
• Orion Side Lance: Decreased Time to Hit; Increased distance traveled; Increased Force.
• Orion Down Spear: Increased Damage.
• Orion Neutral Spear: Fixed some cases where the second hit would fail to combo correctly; Will now travel back down through any soft platforms above its starting position.
• Orion Side Spear: Decreased Time to Hit.
1.11.0 Bodvar and Orion now have unique powers for all Heavy Ground attacks with both weapons.
1.9.0 • Orion Neutral Spear: Rehitboxed, hitbox that occured after the move was clearly over has been removed.
1.0.0 • Völst has been renamed to Orion.
• Orion now uses Rocket Lance and Spear.
Build Changes
0.5.0 • Cassidy has had an art rework to better match the other characters and tone of the game.
0.4.0 • 2 Weapons: Each character now has two melee weapons they can use in combat. Picking up a weapon drop randomly gives your character one of their two weapons.
0.3.0 • Legend specific attacks now activate when pressing the heavy button without a direction. The normal neutral attacks have been moved to the down attack.
• Völst: Updated sound effects of all signature powers.
0.2.0 • Völst Shining Jet Slash: Slightly reduced Force.
• Völst Shining Jet Slash: New fx added to the charge and dash.
• Völst Blaze of Honor: Fx now match hit-box.
0.1.0 • Each Legend in Brawlhalla now has 4 special powers, one for each weapon!
• Each Legend now has different stat allocations.
0.0.1 • Völst (later to be known as Orion) is added to the game

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