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SpearIcon.png KatarsIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 7
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 4
Armor Icon.png Defense 8
Speed Icon.png Speed 3

Queen Nai is a slow but powerful Aztec warrior queen Legend featuring the Katars and Spear as her weapons. She can be unlocked for 2300 gold. Queen Nai's cold, emotionless stare belies her royal and calculative fighting style - not to mention phenomenal strength - as much as it hides the cohabiting souls of a dozen tribal gods that writhe under her skin and into the depths of her being. Nai's end goal may not fully involve Valhalla or its eternal tournament, but she certainly has her eyes fixed on victory, and her destructive power combined with her determination and faith makes her a force not to be trifled with.

The Jaguar Queen has her own plans for Valhalla, and Ragnarok is just the beginning. - Mallhalla purchase description


The Jaguar Queen

So it is written that the warrior queen shall walk abroad and vex the Stranger Gods in their own house. She will defeat them in test of their own devising and wrest the laurels from their crowns. And in the final battle she will call out, and our Old Gods will answer in fury, destroying all so the cycle may begin anew. - The Prophecy of the Jaguar Queen

Hundreds of years of war and plague had reduced the once mighty Empire of the Jaguar Kingdom to a shadow of its former glory. Neither the brilliant battlefield victories nor the cunning sorcery of the great Queen Nai could stem the tide of decline of her people or of her gods - a once great pantheon now faded to near extinction.

Seeing that her civilization's doom was sealed, Nai made a plan. She cast a spell drawing into herself the essence of the eleven surviving gods of the Jaguar Kingdom. And when, during the Battle of Ixanocala, a Valkyrie offered Nai a place in Valhalla, she accepted, carrying Xanlecutli the Coatl, Eba the Snake, and nine other ailing gods with her to the great hall.

In Valhalla, Nai is a consummate warrior and has grown to love the place. Yet she never loses sight of her purpose - her victories nourish the gods of her people, and little by little they recover. Nai believes tales of Ragnarok represent Asgardians' dim understanding that creation is cyclical and that Asgard must be destroyed for the world to be renewed and for her gods to rule again.

Our beliefs aren't so different. For example, your notion of 'Ragnarok' is roughly correct, you just lack the bigger picture. - Nai to a confused Bödvar


Queen Nai's ornate set of turquiose-and-pearl armour takes inspiration from the elegance and ornamental style of her Aztec heritage – complete with elegant tribal decorations and sturdy kneepads shaped like poison-green skulls. This suit protects all of her body except for the face, hands, upper arms and bare feet. The most striking part of Nai’s costume, however, is her turquoise headdress adorned with three pristine and shining turquoise feathers, which never fall or wither even in the heat of battle. Nai is beautiful as befits a queen: she sports blueish-black hair and has auburn tribal face markings across her face – however, her eyes with no pupils and her collected expression show she is anything but your usual fairy-tail princess.

NaiFlair1.png NaiFlair2.png
SpearQueenNai.png KatarsNai.png
Serpent Spear
Sacred Blades


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Spear and Katars

Signature Attacks


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Queen Nai stabs upwards and slightly forward with the spear. As she does so, coiling snake spirits leap from Nai's spear, extending the attack's reach farther upwards and slightly outwards into the air. 29.52 to 35.75 35 19 2 50 65 13 16 17 This move easily finishes most of Queen Nai’s spear combos while the opponent is still in white-to-yellow health. A reliable KO move that comes out quite fast and lingers slightly. This move is also able to hit the opponents who are standing right in front of Nai.


Nai thrusts her spear straight out in front of herself. Burning snake spirits stream forward from the spearhead in a fanning trident formation at the apex of the thrust. 27.67 to 33.11 23 9 -14 53 47 21 14 23 This attack hits in a cone, and may catch unaware enemies with its tip. However, it is quite slow for its short range, so watch out.
Jaws of the Coatl! Nai leaps up and slightly back into the air, pointing her spear ahead of her and summoning an immense snake head that leaps from her spear and delivers a bite far ahead of her. 29.34 to 35.75 25 14 -10 50 50 27 11 24 The attack has a very long range, and may even hit opponents directly in front of Queen Nai’s spear when the snake head appears. Aim and time carefully, as a good opponent can easily dodge under you and hit you from below.


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Queen Nai twirls up into the air, her katars coiling with purple energy, and scatters the unwitting foes with an aerial burst shaped like a winged serpent. Any enemies standing close to Nai at the start of the move get pulled in to experience the pain of the Queen's people firsthand. Up to 37.08 42 7 -30 0, 0, 0 or 56 80, 75~59~27, 16 or 65 19 22(1)12 37 One of Queen Nai’s most powerful and versatile moves when timed right and/or gravity cancelled, but spamming or mistiming it will quickly get you punished. Amusingly enough, the move does not hit where the snake head appears.


A forward, lunging sweep with her back katar that throws a fanning burst of purple energy out in front of her. Carries Nai forward a short distance. Moves slowly but hits hard. 21.63 to 26.49 25 18 -7 59 70 24 7 25 The attack does not hit anyone directly in front of Queen Nai, and requires good spacing. May be surprisingly dangerous when gravity cancelled, as it covers a wide area.
Nai ducks down in place and sweeps both katars out on either side of her, expelling wings of purple energy in either direction. Her fastest signature. 28.41 to 34.43 26 14 -8 50 65 17 12 22 This move comes out unexpectedly quickly for her slow speed, making it a good option for catching unaware opponents or enemies dodging right into/behind you. Try slide-charging this attack.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Weapon Inputs What it's useful for? Damage Is it a true combo? Other notes Example video(s)
Spear ↓ C ↑ → C Down Light, SAir The Down Light now has a smaller hitbox, however it does more damage and is easier to combo from. Use an instant SAir to make the combo more reliable. Down Light, SAir
Spear ↓ C ↑ C Down Light, NAir For when those pesky walls get in the way. Down Light, NAir
Spear → C ↑ → C Side Light, SAir Works at white-yellow health only but is a great way to start off a new stock. Side Light, SAir
Katar ↑ ↓ C ↓ C DAir, Ground Moves The stun time on the DAir has been significantly reduced. It is significantly harder to combo off, can only combo into light attacks, and only works at white health. DAir, Ground Moves


1.9.0 Updates Combo List



The closest the game has come to featuring a sorcerer or wizard on the roster, Queen Nai's fighting style reflects this as her weapons combine with her slow speed and passive-but-powerful sigs to encourage a more careful, methodical approach to combat. Treat her signature moves like magic spells - cast them exactly when you need them and not a moment before or after, make sure your target is right where you want them when casting, and your payoff will be great. If you enter combat incautiously or throw sigs willy-nilly, and you're liable to get stepped on by those who are faster and more aggressive.

Due to her speed, she is even more vulnerable without a weapon than most characters. You generally want to avoid as much damage as possible while trying to get a weapon. You can attack, but only try if you see an opening while the opponent is chasing you.

Queen Nai's spear has a lot of range and ways to punish bad approaches with her signatures. You generally want to play very defensively by spacing out your opponents and trying to punish your opponent for their approaches or whiffed moves. Play it safe, but don't be afraid to take advantage of any habits your opponent has. Fights with Queen Nai can be long at times if you don't notice habits quickly. You need to have good positioning and use signatures carefully and precisely when playing Nai, because of her abysmal move and attack speed. Neutral light is your best friend because it comes out ridiculously fast. It's generally not a good idea to play an aggressive Queen Nai with the spear due to her move speed, which makes it hard to approach most legends. That being said, it's still important to apply pressure, just as it is with every other legend.

These are best used as damage-dealers – in other words, tools to be aggressive andapply pressure more effectively . It's best to play with them like any other katar Legend, racking up damage with strings and pseudo-combos, but it's also very important to punish with them. The down signature is great for punishing people who dodge through you because it hits both in front of and behind Nai. The side signature is really only good for punishing bad spacing, as the hitboxes only come out at the end of the move and has less damage and knock back than the down signature. This isn't to say that it's bad, but it's not as reliable to use for newer players. The neutral/up signature is great for getting kills due to its massive knockback, but is is very easily punished if done thoughtlessly.

Use of Signatures

Matchup strategy against specific Weapons

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Rocket Lance






Matchup strategy against specific Legends

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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









Snake Charmer Nai
Price: 80 mammoth coins
Tomb Tamer Nai
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Snake Goddess Nai
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Date Night Nai
Price: 140 mammoth coins (Only available during Valhallentine's Season)
Empress Nai
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Winged Serpent Nai
Price: Available only as a random reward from the Ancient Chest
Galaxy X Nai
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Nidhogg Nai
Price: Available only as a random reward from the Ragnarök Chest

Color Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
Click to see the colors
QueenNaiBaseClassicColors.png Queen Nai Yellow.png Queen Nai Green.png Queen Nai Brown.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Queen Nai Orange.png Queen Nai Purple.png Queen Nai Blue.png Queen Nai Cyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
Queen Nai Sunset.png Queen Nai Grey.png Queen Nai Pink.png Queen Nai Red.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
Queen Nai White.png Queen Nai Black.png Queen Nai CC.png QUEEN NAI base Skyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
Queen Nai Lovestruck.png QUEEN NAI base Heatwave.png WIP.png QueenNaiBaseHaunting.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Queen Nai Winter.png
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlidays)


  • Queen Nai's default weapons are the Serpent Spear (spear) and the Sacred Blades (katars).
  • Queen Nai's bot name is Naiborg.
  • The eleven gods, and there tranference into Queen Nai, are referenced in Nix's lore - the eleven gods, one of Nix's commissions, escaped her, and she now hunts them down in Valhalla.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Open Beta
Build Changes
2.77.0 The following Signatures have all received adjustments to their speed bonuses gained when performed from a dash or chase dodge. They have been brought in line with other comparable Signature attacks:
 • Queen Nai Neutral Katars
 • Queen Nai Down Katars
 • Queen Nai Side Spear
2.67.0 Queen Nai sees a great deal of changes, both in hitboxing and in traditional balance values. The Side Spear and Side Katars have both been rehitboxed, generally resulting in increased coverage near the user. The Neutral Spear has excellent utility and great application when Gravity Canceled, particularly after a Down Light, so we have shifted some of its power to bolster reward for the underused Down Spear.
 • Queen Nai Side Spear: Rehitboxed to better match the animation (resulting in greater coverage along the spear).
 • Queen Nai Neutral Spear: Decreased Force from 52 Variable/65 Fixed to 50 Variable/65 Fixed.
 • Queen Nai Down Spear: Increased Force from 48 Variable/50 Fixed to 50 Variable/50 Fixed.
 • Queen Nai Side Katars: Rehitboxed to better match the animation.
2.62.0 • Improved animation performance on Queen Nai's Down Spear signature.
• Cleanup on character select animation.
2.61.0 • Added animation frames to the recover of Nai's Neutral Katar signature to better support the recovery time. Also tweaked the animation to improve the seaming of joints in the character art.
2.50.0 Queen Nai’s Down Spear had previously been a low reward attack with high range. However, as the pace of the game has increased and new mechanics have been introduced, the range has become significantly easier to navigate around, making the low reward misplaced. Therefore, we have increased the reward to better fit the current landscape and utility of this power.
 • Queen Nai Down Spear: Decreased Recovery from 25 Fixed to 23 Fixed; Increased Force from 40 Variable/43 Fixed to 48 Variable/50 Fixed; Increased Damage from 21 to 27.
2.39.0 With the theme of improved anti-air attacks, Queen Nai has received reduced Fixed Recovery to her Neutral Spear, lending itself as a more desirable option when fighting airborne opponents.
 • Queen Nai Neutral Spear: Decreased Fixed Recovery from 18 to 16.
2.29.0 • Signatures whose travel speed was affected by Dex retain their current travel speed but are no longer affected by stances: Nai Down Spear, Nai Neutral Katars, Nai Side Katars
2.23.0 Queen Nai is a bit too powerful at the moment, so we are trimming one of her clear outliers to fall in line with other similar attacks.
 • Queen Nai Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 61 to 59; Increased Damage from 18 to 20.
2.17.0 • Nai Down Katars: Adjusted Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
2.13.1 Nai's Side Katar is an extremely potent tool for early knockouts, and a common source of complaints. We've dialed back its Force slightly.
 • Nai Side Katar: Decreased Variable Force from 63 to 61.
2.10.0 • Nai Neutral Spear: Increased movement speed during charge from 35 to a range between 35 and 70 when dodge canceled.
• Nai Side Spear: On first frame of hit window, movement speed is capped at 15.
• Nai Down Katar: On first frame of hit window, movement speed is capped at 21.
2.9.1 • Updated Nai’s forward katar animation fx to better indicate the hit window.
2.8.0 Nai has remained one of the stronger Legends this patch. Along with the Katar and Spear changes, we're dialing down the early knockout potential of her Side Katars.
 • Nai Side Katar: Decreased Variable Force from 66 to 63.
• Nai Neutral Spear: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
• Nai Side Spear: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
• Nai Side Katar: Updated hurtboxes to better match animation.
2.5.0 We're moving some power from Nai's Katar signatures to her Spear signatures. Her Side Katars is the hardest hitting signature in the game, while her spear attacks are uncharacteristically weak for 7 Strength.
 • Nai Neutral Spear: Increased Variable Force from 48 to 50.
 • Nai Side Spear: Increased Variable Force from 50 to 53.
 • Nai Neutral Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 58 to 56.
 • Nai Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 70 to 66.
Closed Beta
Build Changes
1.19.4 Nai's Spear signatures were originally very low Force in exchange for being high speed. When her signatures were tweaked in response to her reign of terror some time ago, they were made much harder to land and became too high-risk too low-reward. For now, we're increasing Force or Damage on each, while seeing how other changes this patch may improve her gameplay.
 • Nai Neutral Spear: Slightly increased Force.
 • Nai Side Spear: Slightly increased Force.
 • Nai Down Spear: Increased Damage and Stun Time.
1.15.0 Despite numerous reductions to Nai in the past, she continues to be feared at all ranks. While stat and katar changes should address many of her problems, her Down Katar signature is a staple move that needed a little extra risk.
 • Nai Down Katar: Increased Recover Time; Slightly decreased Damage.
1.13.0 • Nai Down Katar: Decreased Hitbox Height; Increased Recover Time.
• Nai Neutral Spear: Slightly increased Recover and Cooldown Time.
• Nai Side Spear: Decreased Hitbox size; Slightly increased Recover Time and Time to Hit.
• Slightly shrunk effects on Nai's Side Spear.
1.12.0 • Nai Spear Side: Increased Recover Time; Increased Force.
• Nai Spear Down: Increased Recover Time.
• Improved sounds on Queen Nai, Gnash, Scarlet, and Sentinel powers.
1.11.0 • Added more facial expressions to Nai's side and down spear specials.
1.10.1 • Nai Down Spear: Increased Recovery Time.
• Nai Katar Neutral: Greatly increased Damage and Force; Increased Recover time; Decreased delay between initial travel and final hit
1.9.1 • New special buildup sounds for Nai.
1.8.0 • Queen Nai now has unique powers for all Heavy ground attacks with both weapons.
1.0.0 • Katars have been added! Nai uses Katars.
Build Changes
0.4.0 • 2 Weapons: Each character now has two melee weapons they can use in combat. Picking up a weapon drop randomly gives your character one of their two weapons.
• Spear has been added as our first new weapon! Nai uses the Spear.
• Nai Jaws of the Coatl: Is now a brand new Spear move.
0.3.0 • Queen Nai has been added to the roster! Now playable by everyone during Alpha.

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