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HammerIcon.png KatarsIcon.png
Strength Icon.png Strength 5
Dexterity Icon.png Dexterity 4
Armor Icon.png Defense 7
Speed Icon.png Speed 6

Sentinel is a high defense, superheroic legend featuring the Katars and Hammer as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 3900 gold. Sentinel fights in his superhero costume of a skin-tight black-and-blue sleeveless bodysuit with silver coloured boots, gauntlets and utility belt to compliment. Possessed of intelligence, determination and a keen sense of justice, which Sentinel combines with powerful homemade weapons, he is able to achieve that strength and wit worthy of a superhero. With a lifetime's experience of besting criminals and super-villains, Sentinel has become a potent force in the eternal tournament.

America's greatest costumed crusader. Now his hammer of justice will make even gods examine their conscience. - Mallhalla purchase description


The Hammer of Justice

Good evening, America. Tonight on 'Night Owls with Henry Coates,' we are discussing Sentinel. Who is this costumed vigilante? Where did he come from? Does he have a secret identity? More when we come back. - Henry Coates aka Sentinel

Few would ever know that Henry Coates, renowned physicist, all-star running back, and beloved host of the talk show "Night Owls" was also Sentinel, the first and greatest costumed superhero in America.

Coates got PhDs in Chemical Engineering, Physics, Economics, and Literature before he got tired of filling out the paperwork. But when his father was shot by a cop in the pay of local crime boss Seven Fingers Dupree, Coates swore to devote his mighty intellect to fighting crime, and Sentinel was born.

Armed with weapons of his own invention, Sentinel fought his way to the center of a web of corruption led by a secret society known as KABAL. His war with KABAL lasted years and ended only when he destroyed their base in a Kamchatkan volcano and unmasked their leader, boyband megastar Josh Von Evilstein.

Later, as America's most beloved president since Washington, Coates would still slip out at night to fight crime on the streets.

Now restored in Valhalla to the simple strength of his younger days, Sentinel revels in the Tournament. But recently he has seen that there are those in Asgard who need protecting, and has turned his attention to injustice here.

I'M a cliche? You're the bought judge. - Sentinel


Sentinel, as a superhero, fights in his superhero costume of a skin-tight black-and-blue sleeveless bodysuit - his chest, collar, and parts of the low leg are all a vibrant blue, whereas his shoulders, lower waist and sides are a deep black. To compliment this, he has reinforced boots and gauntlets of a mysterious metal alloy that appear a shining silver colour, and a utility belt of the same material and colour around his waist. He wears a simple domino mask over his eyes with downwards embellishments at each corner, and his short curly hair is shaved into a small mohawk. He is dark skinned, which creates an attractive colour composition with the dark blue and black suit when combined with the contrastingly bright silver colour.

SentinelFlair1.png SentinelFlair2.png
HammerSentinel.png KatarsSentinel.png
Electro Hammer
Shock Katars


For Light Attacks and Aerial Attacks, see individual weapon pages for the Katars and Hammer

Signature Attacks


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Sentinel twirls upward, with blue electricity arcing around him and hitting everyone who connects with his katars. 18.50 to 22.50 20 4 -17 53 80, 78, 76, 74, 72 or 70 17 16 21 Fast upward spinning attack. Entirely vertical with not much width. Best used as an anti-air.


Sentinel steps forward, quickly stabbing forward with a katar charged with white-hot electricity. Deceptively large hitbox. 20.63 to 25.00 18 7 -12 60 70 23 11 19 Good for KOs. This move comes out quickly, making it excellent for punishing.
System Overload! Sentinel quickly slams the ground, causing blue electricity to arc around him and damaging everything around in a blink-and-you-miss-it burst. Sentinel's highest-damage signature. 32.78 to 40 32 24 3 48, 46 or 44 45 15 8 21 Good for stopping opponents approaching from the front, below, and behind. Comes out literally lightning-fast, but does not linger.


Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Arc of Justice! Sentinel sweeps his hammer forward and above himself, with blue electricity arcing around the hammer and in its wake. 28.20 to 33.75 29 24 6 49 or 46 62 or 57 20 5 28 Best-used as an anti-air.


Sentinel leaps forward and swings his hammer in a massive arc around himself, blue electricity trailing in his wake. 28.39 to 35.00 29 21 -7 55 60 21 8 28 The swing does not occur until the end of the animation, meaning it cannot hit enemies directly in front of his original position.
Sentinel steps backwards, pulling his hammer back in the process. He then steps forward and pushes out his hammer, blue electricity exploding out of the hammerhead. 20.90 to 27.50 23 12 -20 0 or 56 50 or 70 23 11 32 Due to Sentinel stepping backwards, this attack can hit enemies stacked on or slightly behind him. An excellent retreat move against enemies who are too determined to attack him from the front. An extra hit is done at the very start for extra damage.


Weapon Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
Hammer DLight, SHeavy 40.9



Use of Signatures

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Rocket Lance






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Lord Vraxx


Queen Nai


Sir Roland

















Wu Shang









High Impact Sentinel
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Gumshoe Sentinel
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Nightwatch Sentinel
Price: 140 mammoth coins
First Edition Sentinel
Price: 140 mammoth coins
Lord Sentinel
Price: Available only as a random reward from the Dragon's Chest
President Sentinel
Price: 140 mammoth coins

Color Variations

For a breakdown of level requirements for colors by legend, see Progression. For Legend Skin color variations, see individual Skin pages, above.
Click to see the colors
SentinelFull.png SENTINEL base Blue.png SENTINEL base Yellow.png SENTINEL base Green.png
Classic Colors
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
Starting Color
SENTINEL base Brown.png SENTINEL base Orange.png SENTINEL base Purple.png SENTINEL base Cyan.png
Unlock at Level 2
Unlock at Level 5
Unlock at Level 10
Unlock at Level 12
SENTINEL base Sunset.png SENTINEL base Grey.png SENTINEL base Pink.png SENTINEL base Red.png
Unlock at Level 14
Unlock at Level 16
Unlock at Level 18
Unlock at Level 20
Sentinel White.png Sentinel Black.png Sentinel CC.png SENTINEL base Skyforged.png
Price: 10000 Gold
(Requires Level 10)
Price: 25000 Gold
(Requires Level 25)
Available only from devs for
contributing to the community.
Price: 2500 Glory
(Requires Level 5)
SENTINEL base Lovestruck Colors.png WIP.png SENTINEL base Heatwave.png SentinelBaseHomeTeam.png
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Valhallentine's)
Lucky Clover
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during St. Patrick's Day)
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Summer Heatwave)
Home Team
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Back To School)
SentinelBaseHaunting.png SENTINEL base Winter Holiday Colors.png
Price: 3000 Gold
(Only during Brawlhalloween)
Winter Holiday
Price: 1500 Gold
(Only during Brawlhallidays)


  • Sentinel's default weapons are the Electro Hammer (hammer) and the Shock Katars (katars).
  • Sentinel's bot name is Botinel.
  • Both Sentinel and Scarlet have fought against villains with the name Evilstein. It is unknown if there is any relation between the two villains.
  • Sentinel was directly (if clandestinely) involved in Kor being a part of the tournament, as seen in Kor's lore.
  • Sentinel's hand in Kor's becoming a contestant is also hinted at in Sentinel's lore, saying he's "turned his attention to injustice here" in Asgard, that is to say the enslaved golem race.
  • Comparing Sentinel's skins directly, it's evident that Gumshoe Sentinel has a notably smaller head.


For changes that applied to weapons rather than individual Legends, see individual Weapon pages.
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Released Game
Build Changes
3.5.0 Several Signature attacks have also been altered, such as Asuri’s Side Sword which has received a base stun increase for stronger hits at white to light yellow damage values. Given the total horizontal coverage and speed of Sentinel’s Down Katars, we have decreased the damage range to be closer to other similar attacks. Jhala’s Side Axe sees a shift in timing, trading some minimum charge time for a faster recover time, resulting in a overall duration for a quicker pace in battle.
 • Sentinel Down Katar: Decreased Damage from a range of 32~28 to a range of 28~24.
Open Beta
Build Changes
2.77.0 The following Signatures have all received adjustments to their speed bonuses gained when performed from a dash or chase dodge. They have been brought in line with other comparable Signature attacks:
 • Sentinel Side Katars
 • Sentinel Neutral Hammer
 • Sentinel Side Hammer
2.65.0 • Small tweaks to Sentinel’s Down Katar charge animation.
2.64.0 • Re-layered Sentinel’s head in his character select to reduce clipping.
2.62.0 • Sentinel Down Hammer: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit. (Credit: Ephi)
2.58.0 This week we continue on our quest to bring older animations more up to date, and add performance improvements where we can along the way. You can expect more improvements like these as we move towards PS4 release later this summer!
 • Fixed a bug that would cause Sentinel’s Neutral Hammer animation to end early if used in air.
2.33.0 Sentinel has shown great results in Ranked and Tournament play, and the Side Hammer has been shown to be a bit too strong for its speed and range, so we are reducing the damage and force slightly while also opening some extra room to punish.
 • Sentinel Side Hammer: Increased Fixed Recovery from 17 to 19; Decreased Damage from 30 to 28; Decreased Variable Force from 56 to 55.
2.29.0 • Signatures whose travel speed was affected by Dex retain their current travel speed but are no longer affected by stances: Sentinel Neutral Katars, Sentinel Side Katars.
2.27.0 Sentinel’s Side Katars was knocking out players at relatively low Damage values, so we are reducing the Variable Force to be in line with other similar powers.
 • Sentinel Side Katars: Decreased Variable Force from 62 to 60.
2.23.0 Sentinel’s kit is currently a bit too strong in certain areas; Sentinel’s Side Hammer has very high Damage and Force with great range, while his Neutral Katar does relatively low Damage. We are shifting some power between these two to balance out the kit. We are also increasing the maximum charge time available on the Side Hammer to be similar to other Signatures.
 • Sentinel Side Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 58 to 56; Decreased Damage from 32 to 30; Increased maximum charge duration from 47 to 74. (The standard value on most Signatures)
 • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Increased Damage from 15 to 18.
2.21.0 • Sentinel Down Hammer: Fixed a timing issue with the animation that caused it not to match hitbox timing.
2.18.0 We’ve avoided adjusting Sentinel for a while. He infrequently comes up among reported player concerns and has a fairly low use rate. However, we’ve decided the low startup, high damage, and possible true combo into Katar Recovery of Sentinel’s Down Katars made for too dominant of an option and needed some toning down.
 • Sentinel Down Katar: Decreased Damage from a range between 38 and 34 to a range between 32 and 28; Decreased Stun Time from 40 to 31.
2.17.0 • Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Updated Hurtboxes to better follow animation.

• Sentinel Side Katar: Updated Hurtboxes to better follow animation.
• Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Changed animation timing to better match Recover Time.
• Sentinel Side Katar: Changed animation timing to better match Recover Time.
• Sentinel Down Katar: Changed animation timing to better match Recover Time.

2.14.0 Sentinel's Down Hammer has an unusually high Force for a retreat signature, especially one with its long range.
 • Sentinel Down Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 59 to 56; Decreased Fixed Force from 75 to 70.
2.10.0 • Sentinel Down Hammer: Increased movement speed during charge from -45 to 55 when dodge canceled.
2.8.0 Sentinel's Down Katar is one of the faster signatures in the game, likely too quick for its threat and Sentinel's 4 Dexterity.
 • Sentinel Down Katar: Increased Time to Hit from 12 to 14.

• Sentinel Down Katar: Fixed a timing issue where animation and Hit Window did not match. Power timing changes noted above.

2.6.2 Sentinel is mentioned less often in player complaints and has a lower use rate, but consistently surfaces as one of the highest winrates at all ranks. We're giving a little more punish window after some of his signatures that have relatively short Recover Times.
 • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Increased Recover Time from 17 to 19.
 • Sentinel Side Katar: Increased Recover Time from 16 to 18.
2.5.0 The rewards for landing some of Sentinel's signatures felt a little out of balance. We're moving some Force from his Side to Neutral Hammer.
 • Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Increased Variable Force from 48 to 49; Increased Fixed Force from 60 to 62.
 • Sentinel Side Hammer: Decreased Variable Force from 60 to 58.
2.1.0 Sentinel's signatures have had issues with lingering hitboxes in such a way that it's difficult to tell when the lightning stops striking. We’ve adjusted his Side Katar slightly to better match the animation as we did for his Katar Neutral and Down in previous patches.
 • Sentinel Side Katar: Reduced Hitbox height; Removed some lingering hitboxes that didn't match animation.
Closed Beta
Build Changes
1.20.1 • Fixed instances where Sentinel was using the wrong katar views
Sentinel's Neutral Katar has a very unpredictable shape, making it difficult to punish from the side without being hit by a stray flash of electricity. We've made this threat a little less generous.
 • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Reduced Hitbox width; Removed some lingering Hitboxes at end of power.
1.18.0 Sentinel's Neutral Katar had an usually low Recover, making it very difficult to punish. The recover time is still low, but should be more in line with in other signatures in his kit.
 • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Increased Recover Time.
1.15.0 With the top winrate of any Legend in 1.14, an A+ tier ranking from the community, and a recent tournament win under his belt, it's time for Sentinel to see some adjustments. Both neutral signatures will hurt a bit less, and the Neutral Hammer has been slowed.
 • Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Increased Time to Hit. Slightly decreased Hit Window, Damage, and Force.'
 • Sentinel Neutral Katar: Decreased Force.
1.14.0 • Sentinel Down Hammer: Reduced Force.

• Sentinel Down Katars: Reduced Time to Hit.
• Sentinel Neutral Hammer: Increased Time to Hit.

1.12.0 • Improved sounds on Queen Nai, Gnash, Scarlet, and Sentinel powers.
1.11.0 • Sentinel Side Katar: Reduced Recover Time.
1.9.1 • New special buildup sounds for Cassidy, Teros, Gnash, Nai, Scarlet, Sentinel, and Vraxx.
1.9.0 • Sentinel now has unique powers for all Heavy ground attacks with both weapons.
1.6.1 • Added more pop to Sentinel System Overload hit react.

• Sentinel Arc of Justice now has electric sfx added to the charge animation.

1.5.2 • Added new hit-reacts for Sentinel's specials.
1.1.0 • Sentinel Arc of Justice: Increased Force.

• Sentinel System Overload: Increased Force.

1.0.0 • Sentinel has been added to the roster!

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