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A tier list is a ranking of how powerful each Legend is in a metagame. Though it is often agreed that the best legend for any given player is whomever that player finds most fun or interesting due to the finely balanced nature of the game, tier lists still exist to provide data and insight into community opinion on Legends, and the subtler differences between Legends during play. Tier lists can be made by one person, agreed on by a group of people, or voted upon by a whole community, and will generally change with each patch to the game. This is a collection of, and links to, tier lists for Brawlhalla.

1v1 tier lists

Closed beta

Raidhyn's Tier Lists

Raidhyn has made the most tier lists out of anyone in closed beta, and are generally agreed on as accurate by the competitive community. Some of his later lists were in collaboration with Tybo.

Reddit Monthly Voted Tier Lists

These lists were created by pab9ab using Google Forms and reddit.

The Google Form asked the voter to rank each Legend on a scale from one to five, one being the worst and five being the best. A link to each form was published to the Brawlhalla Reddit subreddit at the beginning of each month and when a new patch arrives, there are no more responses, or the month is over, pab9ab averaged all the responses and published the results to the Brawlhalla subreddit.

2v2 tier lists

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