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People to play and practice with

Sparring partners can be solicited in these megathreads on the Brawlhalla subreddit:

The Steam community is also a good place to find and solicit sparring partners:

Player mentoring

Mentoring connections is currently provided by the Brawlhalla Warrior Mentoring Grounds, a document created to allow players to seek out and become mentors for other players.

It is contained in a publicly editable Google Doc that is maintained by the community.

How the document works

People who want to mentor other players can add themselves to the document as a mentor for:

  • a specific character (or characters)
  • a specific aspect of the game
  • or both

People who want a mentor then choose a mentor and get in touch with them to establish a mentor / student relationship.

Mentoring can be as informal as asking questions, or as formal as meeting together in-game regularly to practice or receive tuition.


Players can chat via Reddit, Steam, Teamspeak (server details), or Discord.

Reporting questionable behaviour

The document contains information about what players can do if they have a negative experience with a mentor or student.

A Blue Mammoth Games employee stated publicly that they do read reports from players and take action as needed. [1][2]


  • The document was first created to help players of Yomi: Fighting Card Game find mentors. That document was a success, so the system was replicated for Brawlhalla and Rising Thunder, another accessible fighting game for PC.

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