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Weapons are the best means a Legend has to deal damage to and knock out their opponent. They will generally allow a Legend to extend their reach and increase their damage output during a fight, as well as allowing them to instantly change their fighting style. Every Legend has their own kit consisting of 2 weapons, which are chosen from at random whenever a Legend interacts with a weapon pickup.

Without a weapon, Legends brawl Unarmed, using bare hands and feet.

Weapons appear in every Game Mode except Bombsketball.


HammerIcon.png LanceIcon.png SwordIcon.png BlastersIcon.png SpearIcon.png KatarsIcon.png AxeIcon.png BowIcon.png GauntletsIcon.png ScytheIcon.png CannonIcon.png
Hammer Rocket Lance Sword Blasters Spear Katars Axe Bow Gauntlets Scythe Cannon


Picking up

A weapon pickup.

Weapon pickups are flaming totems of light that will appear at random intervals at random places within the realm while brawling. When interacted with by a Legend, these turn into weapons, which can be used in combat.

In most game modes other than Free-for-All, the first pickup always spawns in the center of the realm and, along with the second pickup, is always a weapon. In game modes with teams, weapon pickups spawn at each side of the map at the start, to give equal chance for both teams to pick up a weapon. Along with all that, the weapon pickups alternate, so that your pickups are always a different weapon from the last one picked up, and after two consecutive gadget pickups, a weapon pickup will spawn. Like gadgets, weapon pickups will remain on stage for approximately 20 seconds before disappearing, and will flash for several seconds right before it is about to do so.

When using the horn, your sidekick will bring a weapon pickup to your location.


Each weapon comes with a moveset of three Ground Light Attacks, three Aerial Light Attacks, three Ground Heavy Attacks and two Aerial Heavy Attacks. The Ground Heavy Attacks also serve as each Legend's Signature Moves, which are unique to each Legend - giving each Legend six moves that cannot be done by any other Legend. For movesets and strategies for each weapon, see the individual Weapon entries above.


Weapons themselves can be thrown during combat using the Throw action, similar to a Gadget. Different weapons deal different amounts of damage as well as having larger or smaller hitboxes, and the charge time of the throw also affects the damage dealt.

  • Thrown weapons will bounce slightly against surfaces, and do damage for up to two bounces against the ground after they are thrown. After the second bounce, the weapon will sail harmlessly past any Legends it encounters.
  • When a weapon is thrown and lands on the stage, it will remain on the stage for about one second after it has come to a stop before disappearing. At any point before it has disappeared, the thrown weapon can be picked up again by the Legend who threw it.
  • Thrown weapons cannot be picked up or caught by another Legend, even if the Legend uses the same weapons or is the same Legend as the one throwing the weapon.

Losing your weapon

Any Legend holding a weapon has a chance of losing it when they have taken enough damage during a fight, and if they are struck by a powerful enough attack. A combined threshold of total damage taken (while holding the current weapon) and an incoming attack's force (which increases as a Legend's health builds to red) determines the limit at which a Legend will lose their grip on their weapon when struck. Picking up another weapon resets the damage taken half of the threshold.

BMG Dev ChillPenguinX roughly approximated the threshhold in this chart. Red indicates weapon loss.

Weapons Combination Chart

HammerIcon2.png LanceIcon2.png SwordIcon2.png BlastersIcon2.png SpearIcon2.png KatarsIcon2.png AxeIcon2.png BowIcon2.png GauntletsIcon2.png ScytheIcon2.png CannonIcon.png
HammerIcon2.png N/A Scarlet Avatar.png Bodvar Avatar.png Cassidy Avatar.png Gnash Avatar.png Sentinel Avatar.png Teros Avatar.png YumikoAvatar.png KorAvatarHigh.png
LanceIcon2.png Scarlet Avatar.png N/A SirRoland Avatar.png LordVraxx Avatar.png Orion Avatar.png Ulgrim Avatar.png ArtemisAvatar2.png
SwordIcon2.png Bodvar Avatar.png SirRoland Avatar.png N/A Thatch Avatar.png Hattori Avatar.png Asuri Avatar.png Jhala Avatar.png Koji Portrait.png ValAvatar3.png SidraAvatar.png
BlastersIcon2.png Cassidy Avatar.png LordVraxx Avatar.png Thatch Avatar.png N/A Ada Avatar.png Lucien Avatar.png Barraza Avatar2.png Diana Avatar.png CrossAvatar2.png NixAvatar5.png WIP.png
SpearIcon2.png Gnash Avatar.png Orion Avatar.png Hattori Avatar.png Ada Avatar.png N/A QueenNai Avatar.png Brynn Avatar.png KayaAvatar.png WuShangAvatar.png MirageAvatar.png
KatarsIcon2.png Sentinel Avatar.png Asuri Avatar.png Lucien Avatar.png QueenNai Avatar.png N/A RagnirAvatar2.png Ember Avatar.png CaspianAvatar.png
AxeIcon2.png Teros Avatar.png Ulgrim Avatar.png Jhala Avatar.png Barraza Avatar2.png Brynn Avatar.png RagnirAvatar2.png N/A Azoth Avatar.png XullAvatar.png
BowIcon2.png YumikoAvatar.png Koji Portrait.png Diana Avatar.png KayaAvatar.png Ember Avatar.png Azoth Avatar.png N/A
GauntletsIcon2.png KorAvatarHigh.png ValAvatar3.png CrossAvatar2.png WuShangAvatar.png CaspianAvatar.png N/A MordexAvatar2.png
ScytheIcon2.png ArtemisAvatar2.png NixAvatar5.png MirageAvatar.png MordexAvatar2.png N/A
CannonIcon.png SidraAvatar.png WIP.png XullAvatar.png N/A

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